If you are like me when I show up at the gym, just looking at the stair climber and elliptical machines causes mini heart palpitations. Scores of women and men dressed in skin-tight lycra intimidate me to the spandex moon and back. Then my eyes spot a corner of the room where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the free-weights roam untouched all day. I don’t look like Schwarzenegger, but…

it appears that I may be able to handle the baby-sized 4 lb. dumbbells stacked against the wall. In my quest for better and buffer biceps, I researched the importance of strength training and what to expect. Below are the benefits that come with the Wonder of Weights.

  1. Build Muscle As we age, it’s important to maintain muscle and bone density. Muscle is the highway in our bodies that facilitates range of movement. Since there is a natural decline in muscle as we approach the golden years, it behooves us to maintain enough strength to complete our required daily activities. Pump that iron.
  2. Stronger Bones All the cardio in the world will not improve bone strength like lifting weights. In addition to providing density to your skeletal structure, a simple weight regimen will help prevent fractures of bones that might otherwise be more brittle.
  3. Injury Prevention We all seek to stay injury-free when we work out. Lifting even small weights lead to stronger ligaments and tendons, which act as the connectivity between muscle and bone. You will be less prone to tears and sprains by beefing up with a little lifting.
  4. Metabolism Our metabolism will obviously increase during exercise, but the goal is to reach a higher resting metabolic rate. With repeated exercise coupled with lifting some dumbbells, you can expect to see improvements in your metabolism even hours after you’re finished at the gym. This little nugget will boost your ability to drop unwanted fat.
  5. Productivity Scads of research reports back up claims of improved productivity after lifting weights. These studies show that resistance training will result in better cognitive function, elevated focus, and improved mental attitude.

Lifting weights 3 to 4 times a week will lead to improvements in your workout regimen. You will begin to see results in as little as a month. As long as you lift weights (even small ones) to the point of muscle fatigue, muscle tone and definition will begin to show, metabolism will increase, and your ability to focus will improve.  Add the wonder of weights to your workout routine and get double the benefits.


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