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August 2016



If I’m running 13.1 miles, it’s because I’m either being chased by Freddie Krueger wielding a gun, I’m attempting to outrun K-9 dogs from the local penitentiary, or I’m chasing the ice cream truck to snag one of those shortbread cream dreams. I understand that many of you crazy health nuts out there run to improve your quality of life. I have a personal theory that you’re endorphin junkies. But whatever your reason may be for running 331 linear acres, a strategic training plan should be developed and consistently followed. I am the living epitome of the word Beginner, so I’ll outline below the baby steps to hone you into “evading the Po Po” shape in 13-22 short weeks. Continue reading “WORKOUT WEDNESDAY 1/2 MARATHON TRAINING SCHEDULE/SCHMEDULE”

Trending Tuesday: THE GAME

This is possibly the funniest post I’ve ever read on the games that couples (married or not) play with each other. The Writing Deputy has graciously allowed me to repost his very humorous post on Sherrie’s Always Write. I hope you get a knee-slapping laugh from it like I did. Thanks Deputy Joel!

Originally posted by The Writing Deputy

My wife walked into the room holding a red outfit in one hand and a blue one in the other hand. “Which of these should I wear to the Cavanaugh’s?” she asked. I’ve been playing this game for well ov…

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Be sure to pick up your Kindle copy of Joel Jurren’s In the Sticks, In the Lake, Graves of His Personal Liking, and  County Ops


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It’s true. I’m an honest to goodness Country Mouse. If you’ve never been covered in river mud from off-road 4-wheeling, cleaned 1,000 bugs off the grill of your car from driving down a dirt road at night, or waved your orange vest at the idiot firing his shotgun behind you during deer season, then you probably Continue reading “MANIC MONDAY COUNTRY MOUSE GOES METROPOLITAN”

Sherrie’s Always Write Blog Reading Checklist for Next Week

Next week, Sherrie’s Always Write brings weekday humor and worldly insight to your inbox Monday – Friday. Each provides a 4 to 5 minute commentary on topics ranging from How a Country Mouse like me handles the Rat Race of city life to how to train for a half-marathon ~ or not. Don’t miss our Freelance Friday 10 Writing Rules by Elmore Leonard.

Continue reading “Sherrie’s Always Write Blog Reading Checklist for Next Week”

Meet and Greet: 8/27/16

It’s the Meet and Greet weekend!! Ok so here are the rules: Leave a link to your page or post in the comments of this post. Reblog this post.  It helps you, it helps me, it helps everyone! Ed…

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My good friend Zigyasa at her mySestina blog site wrote a beautiful poem to share on Sherrie’s Always Write Freelance Friday. Please read her heartfelt words, and then let’s discuss 5 Important Poetry Writing Tips to achieve such meaningful prose. Continue reading “FREELANCE FRIDAY 5 (IMPORTANT) POETRY WRITING TIPS with Poem by mySestina”



The backs of my hands drag the ground as I schlepp my way to work. Somehow I must muster enough energy to plow through the mail, client phone calls, and the fires guaranteed to suck the life right out of me.  All this is dependent upon my ability to crawl through the front door. I make my way to the coffee machine, albeit at the pace of “snail,” and make that first glorious cup of Joe. But something is missing. The effects are slow to kick in, and the productivity from my 20’s fails to make an appearance – again. How does one grind through every day without enough energy to power up the blood? Is an energy drink the Holy Grail I’ve been searching for? Not being the kind of numskull that pours just anything down my gullet, I researched my Caf-Pow options. Abbey Sciuto fans know what I’m talking about. Continue reading “THIRSTY THURSDAY TOP 6 ENERGY DRINKS”


As I age graceful like a prune, I continue to scan my Woman’s Day and AARP magazines for exercises that keep me fit without abusing what connective tissue I have left. Surpassing 50 has traumatized me enough. I’m not seeking a fitness plan that exacerbates the trauma on my post-menopausal porous bones right into a lifetime subscription for Boniva. I’ve researched every exercise guru website on the World Wide Womb and have discovered that I can perform these fitness gems right from the comfort of my home. No $4,000 treadmills or workout gear is needed. I rounded up a broom, my unused yoga mat, a 2×4, a chair, and built my own workout studio for Over-50-Somethings. Continue reading “WORKOUT WEDNESDAY EXERCISES FOR OVER-50-SOMETHINGS”



If you’ve owned a dog, then you are acutely aware of the personality traits that bind them to your family. Watching your Dachshund, Duke, gobble down his dog chow without taking a breath reminds you of your Uncle Buck at Thanksgiving. You marvel at the regal twin-like pose of Daffodil, the silky gray Weimaraner, and your Aunt Daphne as they drive the Mercedes golf cart around her country club neighborhood. What canine consortium causes your animal to emulate human personality traits? Or are we a pre-selective species destined to end up with man’s best friend reflective of our own psychological makeup? These questions are the mysterious minutiae pondered by Plato and Socrates. But scoff not. There are in-depth studies that suggest this rubbish has some validity. So the big question of the day is: Which of these 5 dog personalities do you and Fifi share? Continue reading “TRENDING TUESDAY 5 SHARED DOGGONE OWNER PERSONALITIES”

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