INTERVIEW WITH MAURICE ‘BIG MO’ DOLAN: PROTAGONIST OF NICK RIPPINGTON’S NEW NOVEL – WORKING TITLE: HEADERS   Hi. I’m Paul Melluish, crime writer with London’s Evening Guardian. Currently I’m puttin…

Source: Meet ‘Big Mo’ Dolan by Nick Rippington

Nick Rippington is one of the silent victims of the News of the World phone hacking scandal. As the paper’s Welsh Sports Editor he was informed at 48-hours notice that it was closing, and had to collect the contents of his desk from a colleague in a Wapping car park, never being allowed back into the building. His response was to write his first novel, the thriller Crossing The Whitewash. Nick, 55, lives with wife Liz in London and has two daughters, Olivia and Jemma. When he’s not writing he works for the Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday.


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