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It is my pleasure to present retired Federal Prosecutor and former AUSA for the District of Columbia, Marc Rainer, author of several crime dramas, including the fourth book in his Jeff Trask series, A Winter of Wolves, recently released October, 2016. Mr. Rainer arrives at Sherrie’s Always Write to discuss the delicate mixture of fictional crime writing with his dramatic legal career.

The Author and The Expert

written by Marc Rainer

After more than three decades as a federal prosecutor, and after several years as an author, I often find myself Continue reading “THE AUTHOR AND THE EXPERT by MTW Author Marc Rainer”

Interview with MTW Author Marilynn Larew

Interview of Marilynn Larew

Author of The Spider Catchers and Dead in Dubai

1. When did you decide to seriously write a novel and why?

I don’t think anybody decides to become a writer. You’re walking along minding your own business one day when it seizes you from behind, and bam! you’re a writer for good or ill. Whether you have to get up at five am and write before getting the children off to school and you to your day job, or whether you have some hours during the day free to work, as I do, you write because you can’t not write, and you hone your skills hoping one day to become a published author. Continue reading “Interview with MTW Author Marilynn Larew”

Book Review of Award Winning: Murder in Absentia by MTW Author Assaph Mehr

I recently had the distinct pleasure of reading Murder in Absentia by Assaph Mehr. While this book was not originally in my Goodreads list of books to read before I die, I wanted to broaden my horizons and dove into an amazing book that opened my eyes to a new sub-genre of writing art that changed the way I will seek out future reading material. Murder in Absentia is a must-read for anyone who is intrigued by detectives, mystery, magic, and fantastical historical setting.  Without hesitation and reservation, this book nailed a 5 stars out of 5 for me.

This is what changed my mind about being a genre snob.

Continue reading “Book Review of Award Winning: Murder in Absentia by MTW Author Assaph Mehr”

Meet ‘Big Mo’ Dolan by Nick Rippington

INTERVIEW WITH MAURICE ‘BIG MO’ DOLAN: PROTAGONIST OF NICK RIPPINGTON’S NEW NOVEL – WORKING TITLE: HEADERS   Hi. I’m Paul Melluish, crime writer with London’s Evening Guardian. Currently I’m puttin…

Source: Meet ‘Big Mo’ Dolan by Nick Rippington

Nick Rippington is one of the silent victims of the News of the World phone hacking scandal. As the paper’s Welsh Sports Editor he was informed at 48-hours notice that it was closing, and had to collect the contents of his desk from a colleague in a Wapping car park, never being allowed back into the building. His response was to write his first novel, the thriller Crossing The Whitewash. Nick, 55, lives with wife Liz in London and has two daughters, Olivia and Jemma. When he’s not writing he works for the Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday.


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Get to know John Nicholl. MTW Author With Three Best Selling Thrillers!

Firstly, I’d like to say a big thank you for the opportunity to write this brief article, and to reach more potential crime thriller fans as a result. Thousands of books are published each and ever…

Source: Get to know John Nicholl. An MTW Author With Three Best Selling Thrillers!

Freelance Friday 10 Rules of Writing by Elmore Leonard

If you are unsure about the astounding career of Elmore Leonard, let me fill you in a few of his noted writing accomplishments. Leonard’s early works include westerns that were later turned into movies – 3:10 to Yuma, Hombre, Valdez is Coming, and Joe Kidd. 26 of his published novels and stories have been Continue reading “Freelance Friday 10 Rules of Writing by Elmore Leonard”

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