If you’re looking for action in your serial killer reading stack, be sure you’ve added Don’t Look Back, Book 2 in the Land’s End series by Sherrie Frontz. In the first 5 chapters, I had already fallen in love with co-protagonist, Kellyn Grindstaff, and found her plight in life realistic and relatable in every aspect. It’s always fun to wish good things for the heroine of the story, but Kellyn and her best friend’s mom, Sam, have wonderful sympathetic pull on readers heartstrings from the first page.

The way Sherrie Frontz has woven the characters’ motivations and resulting power punch action at every turn kept me flipping page after page well into candlelight hours. I happily lugged my iPad onto the commuter train to work every day and couldn’t wait to read what happened to the characters I had grown fond of in the earliest chapters of the book.  Unlike many novels, the “middle sag,” where characters jump from diner to bar to the office just for book filler, is delightfully missing.  The 2nd Act carries the heavy burden of appropriate pacing with each new twist, which adds to the suspense factor quite nicely.

I would be remiss if I left out Kellyn’s fantastic new love interest who portrays the type of strong gentleman with a pinch of bad ass that women want to love and men wish they could become. The sparks that fly between the two of them add to the story line in a way that beefs up the serial killer issues that cannot be ignored by important characters in this delightful novel. But like all romantic endeavors, theirs is not without realistic and necessary tension and turmoil that could deeply impact their future together.

I am not a fan of spoilers, so I won’t be guilty of it here today.  However, just know that the ending is not something I will easily forget. In fact, it leaves me wondering how fast Sherrie can write the next book in the Land’s End series.  I’ll be first in line to pick up my personal copy! I’m delighted that I found this author on the Mystery Thriller Week website.

You can get your personal copies of Sherrie Frontz’s When the Morning Comes and Don’t Look Back, Land’s End Series Books 1 and 2 on Amazon for free if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber like me.   Be sure to visit Sherrie’s author website to learn more about her books.

For more author information, read my interview of Sherrie Frontz here.


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