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Book Review – White is the Coldest Colour by John Nicholl narrated by Jake Urry

Dr. Galbraith, a child psychologist in South Wales appears to the public at large to be a genuine advocate for children who suffer from personal and family tragedy. Quickly into the early portion of this narrated version of White is the Coldest Colour, Dr. Galbraith reveals a dark sadistic side focused on his obsession with Tony, a small child. Creepy maelstrom ensues when Galbraith’s desires Continue reading “Book Review – White is the Coldest Colour by John Nicholl narrated by Jake Urry”

Book Review: Creating Character Arcs by Award-Winning MTW Author and Coach, K.M. Weiland

I’ve read Maas, Engber, Sobieck, Donovan, Bell, Card, and countless other writing gurus. But, after I read Structure Your Novel by K.M. Weiland, I snatched up every instructional writing book this author has published. Creating Character Arcs is one more gem in my resource library of books on craft. This book makes little things like

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Interview with MTW Author Marilynn Larew

Interview of Marilynn Larew

Author of The Spider Catchers and Dead in Dubai

1. When did you decide to seriously write a novel and why?

I don’t think anybody decides to become a writer. You’re walking along minding your own business one day when it seizes you from behind, and bam! you’re a writer for good or ill. Whether you have to get up at five am and write before getting the children off to school and you to your day job, or whether you have some hours during the day free to work, as I do, you write because you can’t not write, and you hone your skills hoping one day to become a published author. Continue reading “Interview with MTW Author Marilynn Larew”

Book Review: Cigerets, Guns & Beer by MTW Author Phillip T. Stephens

I had the pleasure of turning page after page of Phillip T. Stephens’ Cigerets, Guns & Beer well into the wee hours of the morning just to discover what happened next to the quirky main character in this delightful Mystery.

Stephens’ protagonist named by his father as simply Dodd, no middle name and no discernible last name, is a lovable, if unlikely, hero who has recently been released from prison for committing a petty crime. He arrives in the opening scene with an intriguing background as a self-taught prison lawyer Continue reading “Book Review: Cigerets, Guns & Beer by MTW Author Phillip T. Stephens”

Book Review: Zodiac – Settling the Score by MTW Author Kimberly McGath

mcgathA serial killer roamed, planned, preyed, and hunted for his next victim for decades. The Zodiac killer has never been identified, and scores of women in this country (and possibly abroad) have lived in fear for years. The True Crime story of the Zodiac serial killer you will read by Kimberly McGath recounts the horrific facts that permeated the California coastal air beginning with a twisted man’s fantasy of mega actress Annette Funicello. Continue reading “Book Review: Zodiac – Settling the Score by MTW Author Kimberly McGath”

Book Review: Don’t Look Back (Land’s End Book 2) by MTW Author Sherrie Frontz

If you’re looking for action in your serial killer reading stack, be sure you’ve added Don’t Look Back, Book 2 in the Land’s End series by Sherrie Frontz. In the first 5 chapters, I had already fallen in love with co-protagonist, Kellyn Grindstaff, and found her plight in life realistic and relatable in every aspect. It’s always fun to wish good things for the heroine of the story, but Kellyn and her best friend’s mom, Sam, have wonderful sympathetic pull on readers heartstrings from the first page. Continue reading “Book Review: Don’t Look Back (Land’s End Book 2) by MTW Author Sherrie Frontz”

Book Review – My Abigail by MTW Author David Kummer

I am an unpublished writer, but am working on my first Legal Thriller.  While I fancy myself well-read, I cannot yet boast that I am “well-published.” However, I must say with amazement and aplomb that David Kummer, a 17-year old high school student in a sleepy river-town in Southern Ohio, has nailed suspense, terror, and the epitome of psychological thriller in his book, My Abigail.

I admit that I picked up My Abigail simply to see what the buzz about this young author is all about.  Kummer did not fail to deliver mystery and creepy psychological twists at every dark alley entryway. My Abigail constantly had me guessing ‘what in the world are the characters going to do now? They couldn’t possibly steer clear of the impending troubles that lurk in the shadows.’

David smartly begins the suspense metronome ticking from page one with an Act that establishes not only Protagonist Caleb’s normal world, but the opportunity to change the course of his young life. He meets – a girl, but not just any girl. She is unique from the word go complete with scars, allure, and mysterious disappearing acts that leave Caleb wondering who this girl, Abigail really is. Through intricate plot weaving, I learned to not trust her, but for the life of me, I couldn’t articulate  exactly why.  It is best described as that foreboding feeling in between your shoulder blades as you jump the last three feet into your bed at night in the dark after you just watched the movie Circle alone. It’s silly, but you know in the pit of your stomach that something is not right.

My Abigail introduces a cast of memorable characters that serve to intensify the psychological undercurrent that drives the story forward. At times, it seemed as if normalcy may be on the horizon, but then a twist so unimaginable kept me from tucking My Abigail safely away on the night stand. With continued writing experience, a young David Kummer will emerge as a mainstream author.

If you enjoy a good page turner packed with puzzling psychosis, intriguing characters that are inextricably intertwined to create a wonderful and creepy read, then I would easily recommend My Abigail. If for no other reason than morbid curiosity, you should pick up Kummer’s book to see what the buzz is all about. You won’t regret it, unless you miss your leap into bed.

My Abigail on Amazon and Goodreads

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Book Review of Award Winning: Murder in Absentia by MTW Author Assaph Mehr

I recently had the distinct pleasure of reading Murder in Absentia by Assaph Mehr. While this book was not originally in my Goodreads list of books to read before I die, I wanted to broaden my horizons and dove into an amazing book that opened my eyes to a new sub-genre of writing art that changed the way I will seek out future reading material. Murder in Absentia is a must-read for anyone who is intrigued by detectives, mystery, magic, and fantastical historical setting.  Without hesitation and reservation, this book nailed a 5 stars out of 5 for me.

This is what changed my mind about being a genre snob.

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EXPERIENCE THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF AUDIO     Find a narrated audiobook to thrill you for the new year. All audiobook excerpts can be found on the Mystery Thriller Week website. Experience world-class narrators and find a new favorite author for 2017.

Welcome to the wonderful world of audiobooks!

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