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November 2016

#MysteryThrillerWeek Congratulates #NanoWriMo2016 Participants

Your accomplishment as a writer cannot be denied! Whether your #NaNoWriMo Work In Progress culminated in 5,000 action words or a shiny new 50,000 word novel, Mystery Thriller Week applauds your har…

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Book Marketing: What’s Your Next Move?

        WHAT’S YOUR NEXT MOVE? WHICH WAY WILL YOU TURN? WHERE WILL YOU FOCUS?     “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”-Jim R…

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Mystery Thriller Week Earlybird Deadline Approaching!

    #Mystery Thriller Week invites you to hop off the fence and commit to a worldwide event all about the Mystery Thriller Genre. It’s a week all about you if you’re an Author, Blogger, W…

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#NANOWRIMO2016 Writers Sought

Mystery Thriller Week 2017 has a surprise for you when all the hard work of NaNoWriMo screeches to a halt and is a distant memory. A completely free online MTW scheduled for February 12th – 22nd ne…

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Books Are Being Offered for Review

Books For Review: With not quite three months before #MysteryThrillerWeek begins, the list of books for review are listed on this Books for Review page.  Pick one or several to review and contact the author directly after you sign up as a blogger!  The author’s contact information and a li…

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Readers & Fans Sign up for Contests & Event Updates – #MysteryThrillerWeek

Join the ranks of the mystery and thriller readers that are becoming fans of the amazing authors participating in Mystery Thriller Week. Meet some award winning writers and ask them questions, get …

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Book Marketing: What’s Your Next Move? — Mystery Thriller Week


WHAT’S YOUR NEXT MOVE? WHICH WAY WILL YOU TURN? WHERE WILL YOU FOCUS? “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”-Jim Rohn When it comes to marketing your work you can’t afford to wing it. Getting your book published is only […]

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Welcome to Egretia!

This is the home of Felix, the protagonist of his eponymous mystery series. Egretia is based on ancient Rome and a few other ancient cities, in an attempt to examine the question of what if magic was real?

Though not a fully trained wizard nor traditional detective, Felix knows a little about magic – and uses this knowledge to solve his customers unique problems.

You can read a few of Felix’s short adventures on the short stories on this site, or his longer adventures in the book series. If you’re a lover of Ancient Rome, Detective Mysteries and Fantasy, you’re bound to enjoy these stories!

Below are links to some more information about Felix and…

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Manic Monday – Letter from John Grisham

Dear Reader:

When I started writing A TIME TO KILL thirty-two years ago, I had no fantasies of producing a New York Times Bestseller.  I simply believed I had a good story to tell.  As it turns out, I could barely give the book away, and eventually resorted to selling most of the 5,000-copy print run out of the back of my car.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and I am pleased to report that my latest novel, THE WHISTLER, is a #1 New York Times Bestseller!  What’s more, it’s also a #1 Indie Bestseller, which means that a lot of local bookstores took a chance, ordered up a bunch of copies of the book, and thankfully sold a bunch, too.

There are two constituents that deserve my thanks for this happy situation.

First: you, my readers.  You’ve stuck with me over the years.  I’ve thrown you a few curve balls, that’s for certain, straying from legal thrillers to write comic fiction, sports novels, nonfiction, and even short fiction.  Undaunted, you’ve returned again and again to read the stories I have to offer.  For that, I am grateful beyond my abilities to fully express.

Second: book retailers in all their forms, shapes and sizes.  Though they may not all look alike, they share one thing in common—every one of them is an unrepentant book lover.  They run businesses, for sure, but the fact that they chose the business of books makes them exceptional—and perhaps a little crazy!

So, while I am delighted and honored to see THE WHISTLER at #1, I am most grateful to my readers and to booksellers across the country who inspire me to keep telling good stories.

Warmest regards,

John Grisham


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