mcgathA serial killer roamed, planned, preyed, and hunted for his next victim for decades. The Zodiac killer has never been identified, and scores of women in this country (and possibly abroad) have lived in fear for years. The True Crime story of the Zodiac serial killer you will read by Kimberly McGath recounts the horrific facts that permeated the California coastal air beginning with a twisted man’s fantasy of mega actress Annette Funicello.

Where I become fascinated beyond belief is reading McGath’s well-formed theory of the Zodiac killer’s identity.  Facts are facts, and I’m a believer after reading this page turner.  The story is told through the eyes of a seasoned, but retired female detective who cannot let her theory of the Zodiac killer simply get packed away in a box to be stored on a shelf. The multiple killings of young couples in the 60’s and 70’s are revealed among the pages of Settling the Score, and are thought to have been the early machinations of a killer who was likely practicing for the biggest showdown of his life, a courtroom.

You read that correctly! This book compares the unique proclivities of the Zodiac with a known modern-day killer.  McGath weighs the facts, and contrasts crime scenes against one another to reveal who the Zodiac killer really is.  You won’t believe it!

This is a suspenseful read that will convince you McGath knows exactly what she is talking about.  Zodiac: Settling the Score is a must read for any crime story enthusiast. 5 stars.

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