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October 2016

A Story of Brain Injury Q&A with Victoria Griffin, Creator of Flooded: A Creative Anthology of Brain Injuries


In 2012, eleven days after my only daughter’s 20th birthday, she was in a head-on collision car accident that changed the lives of everyone around her. Family and friends rushed to the trauma unit awaiting the doctor’s prognosis of her fragile state. The news couldn’t have been worse. My daughter was Continue reading “A Story of Brain Injury Q&A with Victoria Griffin, Creator of Flooded: A Creative Anthology of Brain Injuries”

Blog Party: Eat, Drink, and Play Charades

Help my friend Kool Kosher Kitchen celebrate a huge milestone. Congratulations!


I am throwing a party, Beautiful People, and you are invited! A few days ago I realized that this blog has gathered 300+ followers. I decided right there and then to celebrate it by having a blog party.  I thought I would get that cute Bing! from the WordPress telling me about it, but it still hasn’t come. Meanwhile, I have everything ready for a party, so I am following the immortal dictum of the Russian scientist I. Michurin: “We cannot wait for favors from nature,” and I am opening the doors of this blog for THE PARTY!


This is my way of saying Thank You to all of you, Beautiful People! Thank you for your likes, thank you for your comments, and most of all, thank you for taking the time to follow and read the stuff this funky cat puts together! I have never expected it to be…

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Cozy Mystery Heist

Cozy Mystery Authors, sign up now to get your book promoted, read and reviewed for Mystery Thriller Week.

Meet Lex, whom I’ve hired to gather all the cozy mystery writers to sign up for Mystery Thriller Week  Feb. 12-22, 2017. So, don’t make him angry.         …

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Meet and Greet: 10/29/16

It’s the Meet and Greet weekend everyone!!     Ok so here are the rules: Leave a link to your page or post in the comments of this post. Reblog this post.  It helps you, it hel…

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Sherrie’s Always Write

Freelance Friday How to Write The Blockbuster Novel: Edition Three – Stakes


Writing a blockbuster novel is the dream of many writers. You wonder what a year, or two, of your devoted writing time, sacrifices, and financial commitment will glean for you at the end of a crazy, tedious road of writing that novel. You may hope for validation or simply have a story busting at the seams that won’t be silenced. And who among us Continue reading “Freelance Friday How to Write The Blockbuster Novel: Edition Three – Stakes”

We need to talk

This is a formal invite to a live twitter chat TONIGHT, Thursday 7:00pm EST. The chat will gather momentum meeting and greeting authors, bloggers, interviewers, and…

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Workout Wednesday – Squat, Drop, and Roll


The idea that I might be healthy enough to exercise with any regularity is a novel unto itself, full of conflict, suspense, and plot twists. But today, I will spare you the humiliating look into vast depths of what sloth-ism looks like and get right into why I am mildly curious about squats and all the pain that rightfully accompanies said exercise. Continue reading “Workout Wednesday – Squat, Drop, and Roll”

Trending Tuesday How to Prepare for Family Holiday Visits

I was elated to learn recently that my entire family and some wonderful friends planned to visit me in the metropolis of Mile High city. Then the realization slowly settled in that a little planning was in order. If you are hosting family during the holidays, I’ve learned that the below planning template can give you a good start, or at least something to keep you occupied while you panic that your living space is no larger than mine and couldn’t possibly accommodate a party of 6. Continue reading “Trending Tuesday How to Prepare for Family Holiday Visits”

Meet and Greet Link 10/23/2016

Oritginally posted on Dream Big Dream Often. The Meet and Greet continues today as we will be traveling back to North Carolina from New York.  Enjoy your Monday!! The Meet and Greet continues today and will conclude this evening so be sure to…

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Sherrie’s Always Write

Tune in next week to Manic Monday – Ready for NaNoWriMo (Not!)

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