My good friend Zigyasa at her mySestina blog site wrote a beautiful poem to share on Sherrie’s Always Write Freelance Friday. Please read her heartfelt words, and then let’s discuss 5 Important Poetry Writing Tips to achieve such meaningful prose.

when no one believed in me – I did

I painted my heart

with an ocean of emotions

every color shined beating the sun

I celebrated my tears

left behind my fear

embraced my wrinkles

like a survivor

I never stopped

discovered my dark side

enjoyed my hope in pain

here i am to pen down

i made it worth reading

and so to write again

Best Regards,


Tips for Penning Poetry

Know your goal – Is it enough to just drive your car for the sake of driving? You may say yes, but you still have a goal in mind. Your goal may be to invoke memories of fonder times, feelings of wind in your hair, or to collect your thoughts after a lively conversation with someone very close to your heart. Zigyasa wrote with a clear goal in mind: A celebration of self-discovery. She captured the essence of “overcoming” by engaging in discovery of self, knowing that not in spite of, rather because of her unique experiences, here i am to pen down.

Theme – Theme is more than a single word thought. It is idea combined with opinion. Notice how Zigyas’s idea of self-discovery is combined with her opinion of i made it worth reading, and so to write again conveys theme. Through the lens of her life, she has allowed us to contemplate if our tears and fear will allow us to also be a survivor. This is theme.

Imagery – Poetry should stimulate us through our senses: sight, smell, motion. I can feel the warmth of the sun, as well as hear and feel the motion of the water that Zigyasa has evoked through imagery.  I painted my heart with an ocean of emotions, every color shined beating the sun.

Metaphor/Simile – Using metaphors (statements that purport to be something else) and similes (phrases that compare items to each other) in poetic waxing will induce strong memories for the reader. If I tell you about a huge dog laying in my front yard, you may envision a larger than average dog. But you will remember when you saw a monstrously large mutt if I tell you that the huge dog in my yard was a Buick (simile). Zigyasa uses metaphor with great eloquence embraced my wrinkles like a survivor. Here we can see the aging beauty of a woman reveling in her strength.

Rhyming – Poets from long ago used rhyming techniques to attract listeners since our ears tune into repetition and sounds with cadence. Today, rhyming in poetry is used sparingly and with precision placement.  Zigyasa frugally rhymed one phrase to convey an abstract feeling that is subjective to us all ocean of emotion. In doing so, she has allowed us the courtesy of inserting ourselves into this one moment by tapping our own personal memories.

Thanks to Zigyasa for sharing with us on Freelance Friday. She may be found at mySestina blogging beautiful sentiments with refreshing frequency.


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