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The midnight drum solo filled my head with visions of homicide. Do you have a neighbor that is less than neighborly? Or, perish the thought, are you that neighbor? While sturdy fences … and all that jazz, a modicum of consideration may gain you a friend for life.  Check to see if you appear on our list of offenses Continue reading “UN-NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS”

TO TATTOO OR NOT TO TATTOO – That is the question

I’ve searched high and low for an adequate measure of self expression.  My hunt has included a variety of available choices: spray tan, lavender hair, and no less than 100 black lipstick brands.  While I was ogling the craziest tattoo designs through a window on the street corner of Desperation and 5th, Continue reading “TO TATTOO OR NOT TO TATTOO – That is the question”

Interview with MTW Author – S.W. Frontz (Limited Instafreebies Today)

S.W. (Sherrie) Frontz was born in Charotte, North Carolina but raised in East Tennessee. She graduated from college with an accounting degree, eventually working in a sales office. After a couple of years, she met her true love and husband, Rusty. This year Rusty and Sherrie celebrated their 20th wedding Anniversary. Congratulations you two! It is my personal pleasure to interview Sherrie about her life as an author of two amazing books in her Land’s End series, When Morning Comes (1st book in the series) and Don’t Look Back (2nd book in the series). Sit back and enjoy the life and times of one amazing lady. If you would like a preview of her Land’s End series, please check out Sherrie’s links below. Also, plan to pick up a limited copy  of both of Sherrie’s books today on Instafreebie. see links below Continue reading “Interview with MTW Author – S.W. Frontz (Limited Instafreebies Today)”


If you are already a fan of the Mystery Thriller genres, then you are in for a FAN-tastic surprise. Mystery Thriller Week is rolling out eleven fun-filled mysteriously thrilling days just for you! That’s one whole week and then some…


Bloggers, Become Official! Author Central Looking for Blogger Sites?

Are you part of #MysteryThrillerWeek yet? If you’re not on this Official Blogger list, you should sign up for MTW and get exposure to authors and fans! MTW also has plans to push traffic to your blog during the free online February 12-22, 2017 international MTW event.

Exciting News – You won’t have to wait until 2017 for the exposure your blog needs though. Right now, Authors can contact you, and you may contact them for guest posts, book reviews, and other creative blogger ideas. Don’t miss out on the event that already spans 5 continents and scads of countries! Sign up below and check out all the bloggers already on the list below.

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Authors, when you are asked for a review copy or an interview, you can always check for the blog name here and make sure it is an official participating blog. Sherri’s Always Write Bookish Wormy Bookishwormy.…

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Welcome to Mystery Thriller Week!  Please check the following link and sign up with your contact information. Kickoff begins Feb. 12-22, 2017!     Sign up

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Books Are Being Offered for Review

Books For Review: With not quite three months before #MysteryThrillerWeek begins, the list of books for review are listed on this Books for Review page.  Pick one or several to review and contact the author directly after you sign up as a blogger!  The author’s contact information and a li…

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Manic Monday – Letter from John Grisham

Dear Reader:

When I started writing A TIME TO KILL thirty-two years ago, I had no fantasies of producing a New York Times Bestseller.  I simply believed I had a good story to tell.  As it turns out, I could barely give the book away, and eventually resorted to selling most of the 5,000-copy print run out of the back of my car.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and I am pleased to report that my latest novel, THE WHISTLER, is a #1 New York Times Bestseller!  What’s more, it’s also a #1 Indie Bestseller, which means that a lot of local bookstores took a chance, ordered up a bunch of copies of the book, and thankfully sold a bunch, too.

There are two constituents that deserve my thanks for this happy situation.

First: you, my readers.  You’ve stuck with me over the years.  I’ve thrown you a few curve balls, that’s for certain, straying from legal thrillers to write comic fiction, sports novels, nonfiction, and even short fiction.  Undaunted, you’ve returned again and again to read the stories I have to offer.  For that, I am grateful beyond my abilities to fully express.

Second: book retailers in all their forms, shapes and sizes.  Though they may not all look alike, they share one thing in common—every one of them is an unrepentant book lover.  They run businesses, for sure, but the fact that they chose the business of books makes them exceptional—and perhaps a little crazy!

So, while I am delighted and honored to see THE WHISTLER at #1, I am most grateful to my readers and to booksellers across the country who inspire me to keep telling good stories.

Warmest regards,

John Grisham


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ATTENTION BLOGGERS! #Mystery Thriller Week Wants Your Posts

If you are a Blogger and you want to connect with authors, readers, and other reviewers, then Mystery Thriller Week website has the answer for you! We are in the planning and organization phases of the inaugural 2017 Mystery Thriller Week slated for February 12 – 22. Our goal is to connect industry enthusiasts of all media together, and as a blogger, you can benefit.

Sign your BLOG up Here so others may find you and your bloggerific website. If you haven’t visited the Mystery Thriller Week website yet, take a moment to sign up to:

  • Host an interview
  • Author guest post
  • Post a book review

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for most reviews posted linking the Mystery Thriller Week website.

Mystery Thriller Week wants to spend quality time with you that will be filled with education, connection, collaboration, contests, reviews, interviews, and downright mysterious and thrilling fun!

Please repost and invite your friends. This event will NOT disappoint!



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