S.W. (Sherrie) Frontz was born in Charotte, North Carolina but raised in East Tennessee. She graduated from college with an accounting degree, eventually working in a sales office. After a couple of years, she met her true love and husband, Rusty. This year Rusty and Sherrie celebrated their 20th wedding Anniversary. Congratulations you two! It is my personal pleasure to interview Sherrie about her life as an author of two amazing books in her Land’s End series, When Morning Comes (1st book in the series) and Don’t Look Back (2nd book in the series). Sit back and enjoy the life and times of one amazing lady. If you would like a preview of her Land’s End series, please check out Sherrie’s links below. Also, plan to pick up a limited copy  of both of Sherrie’s books today on Instafreebie. see links below

Interview of S.W. Frontz

Author of The Land’s End Series.

1.       When did you decide to seriously write a novel and why?  I started writing my first novel, When the Morning Comes, in March of 2013.  I’d had this idea floating around in my head for a while so I decided to see if I could do something with it.

2.       Will you tell us a little about The Land’s End Series and why it is a must-read?  The Land’s End Series is set on a fictional island on the coast of northeast North Carolina.  I combined the geographies of Knott’s Island and Corolla to make my island what I wanted it to be.  I love this area, southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.  I live in the mountains of East Tennessee but my heart is at this area of the coast.  The name for my fictional island just came to me, and when I visited Knott’s Island in the summer of 2013 we passed a road named Land’s End.  That to me was a sign that I had found the name for my island.  I took a picture of the road sign and it’s hanging on my bulletin board beside my computer desk. 

I want to say something about a review that I got on the first novel.  The person said that my title was not relevant.  I think this bothered me more than anything.  If the person had read the book and paid attention, they would have seen the relevance of the title.  I picked this title from a phrase in the first chapter.  My character has gone through some traumatic experiences, but she always knew that when the morning came, things would be better.  New beginnings.  That’s the reason for the picture on the front of the book.    The second novel, Don’t Look Back, is all about not letting the past define you. I think readers should realize that a title to an author is an extremely personal thing and shouldn’t be questioned.

 3.       What is your favorite part of the writing process and why?  My favorite part of the writing process is when I have been trying to get around that horrible thing called the writer’s block and out of the blue I have an epiphany and I get really excited because the process can continue.

4.       Can readers expect additional novels in the Land’s End Series?  Yes, I’m going to write as many Land’s End stories as I can. Book three is a work in process. The title for this one is Closer than Yesterday.  I’m hoping to release it by May 2017.

5.       What would the main character in your book say about you?  I think what Samantha, (main character) who is a woman in her mid-fifties, would say to me is thank you for the really hot husband that I gave her. Her husband, Andy, is inspired by my husband, Rusty, and Sam Elliott.  Both are tall, handsome, silver foxes.

6.       Where do you gather inspiration for writing? My main inspiration comes from my bi-yearly visits to Virginia Beach.  My very good friend and fellow author, Cheryl, lives there and we go all over the area.  We ride the ferry from Knott’s Island to Currituck and this past November we went on a writer’s retreat to Corolla, NC.

7.       Do you have a writing mentor or hero? Why did you chose him or her? My writing mentor is Cheryl, my author friend.  She started writing her Wellington Cross series about five years ago and I helped her edit and she bounced ideas off of me.  She was the one who convinced me to start writing.  She has been my biggest supporter; encouraging me when I get frustrated.  She helped me through the first time I used Createspace.  She’s the one person that understands all the ups and downs of the writing process that I can talk to.

8.       What has been the greatest advice you’ve received prior to publishing your first novel? The best advice I’ve gotten  prior to writing is not to worry about making it perfect the first time around.  Just get it from my head to the page and worry about the other stuff later.

9.       What plans do Sherrie Frontz, the author, have for the next five years?  My five year plan is to write more Land’s End stories, and hopefully when my husband retires, spend a lot of time at the beach getting inspired.

10.   Outside of writing, what are your favorite past-times?  I love to read, go to the beach, and work outside in the yard. 

Thanks to Sherrie for sharing her time with the followers of Sherrie’s Always Write.  Be sure to check back when I review Sherrie’s fast-paced Land’s End book Don’t Look Back.


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When the Morning Comes by S.W. Frontz

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