It’s CRAZY that you made it. Where have you been? Welcome to Freelance Friday, hosted by me, SherriesAlwaysWrite. In the literal future, this high-rent space will be occupied by others who will impart wisdom far more enlightened than mine. But since this is my first post, I will lay out what I believe my blogger obligation is to you, the reader.

I promise to:

  • Post Monday thru Friday scheduled topics
  • Be judgmental
  • Spin the truth
  • Engage in conversation (and controversy)
  • Shy away from politics and religion like the plague – unless I have something important to say
  • Not invite Al Gore to guest post
  • Invite you to guest post
  • Solicit commentary
  • And most importantly Entertain

The following is my bio, which I will only post once on this blog because I blush easily at accolades.

Nothing is more amusing than a description of a life well-worn by someone you’ve not yet come to love as much as me. I am a writer with too much time on my hands. I dabble in thrillers and novellas starring ordinary characters in extraordinary circumstances. Think Dean Koontz, but not.

My dog, Sierra, and I share unreasonable amounts of time together in Denver, Colorado. Yes, it’s really a mile high. I’m an avid reader of everything, including, but not limited to: novels, self-help manuals, product labels, street signs, minimum wage posters, and closed caption if I’ve accidentally pressed the hot key on my remote control.

My wicked sense of self-importance and dogged logic for inappropriate commentary color everything I do and say, but should not detract from the self-deprecating humor I plan to heap on you at every corner.

It is imperative that I provide a disclaimer here because I feel that our newly formed friendship dictates that you should be at least forewarned so that you may be forearmed.

If you’ve come to SherriesAlwaysWrite for life-changing advice, seriousness, or validation in any form, then it is my duty to inform you that I am a suck-up and will try to deliver.  However, for the rest of you, I am willing and delighted to deliver unabashed bias, opinions that are unjustified by anyone other than the voices in my head, and conjecture with a splash of assumption.

Below are the weekly blog topics I reserve the right to change if I’ve had too much to drink the night before.

⊕ Manic Monday – A day of rant, opinion, or bliss in a bottle

⊕ Trending Tuesday – Topics the entire world is blabbing about according to the ever-reliant Google search engine

⊕ Workout Wednesday – Subject matter covering health, exercise, and inventions that keep us young without exerting energy

⊕ Thirsty Thursday – Drink recipes and history for those who have not yet learned how to search the internet

⊕ Freelance Friday – Guest posts by fantastic blog subscribers (you) and author friends who claim they are too busy to subscribe (them)

My hope is to embark on a long journey with you, learn from you, and engage with you in this town hall forum of higher education and premium channel-esk information.

But my ultimate wish is you will realize and come to know first-hand, that while you are awesome for subscribing,


Sherrie’s Always Write

Tune in for Manic Monday – Serve an Authentic 4th of July Cocktail