I neither claim to be a technology wizard nor a person who actually works out. But if I’m going to risk mimicking either role, why not multitask and land a perfect two-fer? I can at least be a poser plus look like I’m exercising my way into shape and appear tech savvy while sweating to the oldies. My technology department (consisting of one person) researched the most efficient way to pull off the greatest feat in all of workout land. The results are an astounding culmination of stylish gear that is both wearable and futuristic. So, if you plan to P90X or PiYo your physique into svelte celebrity status, this list will propel you onto the red carpet sporting “May the force be with you” workout togs.

  • image1 (15)AMAZEFIT is a ceramic bracelet tracker similar to Fitbit. This creepy little body stats stalker comes in multiple styles and sizes. If you are looking for stylish wrist wear, and face it – who isn’t, then your train has arrived. I’m personally waiting for the handcuff version, but maybe I can just borrow a set from one of my exes.
  • image4NUZZLE Pets have become part of our family, so why shouldn’t they be equipped with their own brand of technology? While you are running on the beach with your dog, and Old Yeller decides to chase a Sandpiper behind a clump of beach trash, you can track him with the Nuzzle GPS he’s wearing around his neck. Added benefits include spying on your dog when she’s tramping around with that cad, Duke, whose crib is just down the street.
  • image2 (1)RAVEAN While running through the streets of Minnesota, the majestic tundras of Alaska, or an Oklahoma ice storm, you can be a toastee postie snuggled up in your heated hoodie. Burning off double calories is a perk for this gear. If your idea of athleticism is really becoming a serial Viking’s football fan waiting for the next Superbowl appearance, then you’ll need a heated hoodie while you wait, and wait, and wait, and …
  • image3RHONE’S SEA CELL Seaweed is not a recent development – it’s been around approximately 4.5 billion years. So why has it only recently made its clothing debut? Seaweed is not considered technology, but its wearable workout properties provide space age benefits. Seaweed clothing not only moisturizes the skin during Pilates hot box sessions, it reduces inflammation. Disclaimer: Don’t be surprised if you are requested to make an appearance at the local sushi bar after spin class.
  • image5SUBPAC If you are a person who is touchy feely, then this wearable technology allows you to feel the workout music while you are bench pressing weights beyond your abilities. A Subpac harness will radiate your favorite Black Eyed Peas bassline through your chest cavity for a paltry $269. Boom Boom Pow!
  • image6ZENTA If you weep like me while you work out, or laugh with uncontrollable abandon at your trainer when he demands another 10 pullups, then you may be interested in emotion management jewelry. Zenta is a biometric bracelet that will double as your therapist by providing your emotional mood quotient readout through its nifty phone app. If you want to chart skin temperature, sleep patterns, or just your galvanic skin responses, then you need this little bracelet. At $149, think of the Yens you will save on psychiatry sessions.

Wearable technology is a propulsion into the Jetson’s penthouse. Keep an eye out for upcoming inventions that assist with everything from cooking dinner with micro waves to cars that steer themselves. Oh, wait …


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