Whether you are carting your kiddos off to public, private, or home school, your little rug rats need a healthy beverage somewhere between recess and detention. All that pig-tail pulling and teacher-mocking require rejuvenation. What better way to remind your miniature demon that you’re the cool parent than packing a libation to remember? The recipes below send a clear reminder that you are large and in charge.  Don’t be surprised when Sally’s mom calls to find out how to make a “Seeing C.” Be sure to tell her that it’s an old family recipe, but you’ll be glad to share your secret in exchange for one free night of kiddie corral at her house.

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SCHOOL SMOOTHIES THAT LAST Be a chic dad this year and pack Horatio’s lunch with a smoothie that doesn’t turn into clotted cottage cheese by lunchtime. Be sure to leave expansion room at the top of the thermos or smoothie baggie. This one will grow on you.

½ Cup baby spinach

½ Cup mixed berries or banana

¼ Cup plain Greek yogurt

¼ Cup low-fat milk (soy, almond, or pea milk are good alternatives)

1 teaspoon honey

Emulsify (blend to smithereens for my friends in West Texas), pour into small ice cube trays, and freeze overnight. Fill drink container almost to the top with little cubes of frozen goodness. Your Superdad smoothie will stay cold and fresh until the chow bell at noon.

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BERRY GOOD H2O Water infusion seems to be a hip thing to do these days.  You can pay high prices for a container built for fruit osmosis, or you can do it the mom way and dump those berries right in. Fill a resealable bottle with filtered water and add one of the following fruit combos.


Slices of Lemon/Orange/Lime

Strawberry/Lemon Slice

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JUICER JUICE Here’s another one for dad because I know you love loud power tools. As an added bonus, you can use an oil funnel to fill you little Dale Earnhardt’s reusable juice bag with your creative concoctions. Serve these juices cold.  Bust out your Jack LaLanne juicer for this one or whatever yuppie suburbanite juicer you may have on hand.

Apple Lemonade – 2 Apples / 1 small Lemon

Seeing C – 2 Carrots / 1 Orange

Hawaiian Luau – Handful of Kale / Large slice of Pineapple / Coconut Water (optional)

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LACTOSE FREE MILK If you missed my brilliant post last month on alternative milks, I will list them here for you. Each one provides beneficial nutrients that can boost your child’s mid-day brain powers. It’s a known fact that famous teacher’s pets throughout history were interactive and maintained focus into the afternoon hours.

Ripple Original Unsweetened Pea Milk – 75 cal., 8g. protein

Silk Coconut Milk – 45 cal., 50% daily B12, 45% daily calcium

Cashew Dream Unsweetened Milk – 40 cal., 1g. protein, gluten-free

Soy Silk Organic Milk – 80 cal., 7g. protein

Don’t shortchange the educational opportunities for your garbage snappers. Teach your urchins to pay attention in school and give them a head start with one of these nutritious drinks. Your little Paislee/Makena/Hensley/Moonrake/Sunglow/Harley will thank you for it later.


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