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If you are in an American bar right now, chances are you’re knee deep in Hops and Barley. But if you and your Amore are O’ Solo Mio in Rome, there’s a 73% chance that the Godfather just suggested a nice vino to pair with your Clams Casino. Who are you to argue with the Big Papa?

“Why do I care who’s guzzling Continue reading “THIRSTY THURSDAY WHEN IN ROME…”

Thirsty Thursday Alternative Milk Does a Body Good


After yesterday’s explosive workout, were you disheartened this morning while pouring fat-laden high caloric cow’s milk over the flakes of your most important meal of the day?

Charge past the soggy myth that only bovine milk does a body good. These 5 alternative milks will give you food for thought. Continue reading “Thirsty Thursday Alternative Milk Does a Body Good”



The backs of my hands drag the ground as I schlepp my way to work. Somehow I must muster enough energy to plow through the mail, client phone calls, and the fires guaranteed to suck the life right out of me.  All this is dependent upon my ability to crawl through the front door. I make my way to the coffee machine, albeit at the pace of “snail,” and make that first glorious cup of Joe. But something is missing. The effects are slow to kick in, and the productivity from my 20’s fails to make an appearance – again. How does one grind through every day without enough energy to power up the blood? Is an energy drink the Holy Grail I’ve been searching for? Not being the kind of numskull that pours just anything down my gullet, I researched my Caf-Pow options. Abbey Sciuto fans know what I’m talking about. Continue reading “THIRSTY THURSDAY TOP 6 ENERGY DRINKS”



Since I’ve been old enough to illegally drink trashcan punch, woeful tales of Absinthe have been drilled into my head. Blindness, murder, and residency in a padded cell were promised results from drinking sinful Absinthe – or so I was told. Like another midnight campfire story, I was completely freaked out enough to avoid the “Green Fairy” like a leisurely wade through Louisiana swamp water. In case you’re wondering what folklore could keep a 20-something (ok, maybe I was 17) away from free bootlegged booze, let me help you out. How true or fabricated you believe these fables to be, they are steeped in reputable and historical accountings. Don’t cry later tonight under your bed covers and say I didn’t warn you! Continue reading “THIRSTY THURSDAY THE SINS OF ABSINTHE”



Whether you are carting your kiddos off to public, private, or home school, your little rug rats need a healthy beverage somewhere between recess and detention. All that pig-tail pulling and teacher-mocking require rejuvenation. What better way to remind your miniature demon that you’re the cool parent than packing a libation to remember? The recipes below send a clear reminder that you are large and in charge.  Don’t be surprised when Sally’s mom calls to find out how to make a “Seeing C.” Be sure to tell her that it’s an old family recipe, but you’ll be glad to share your secret in exchange for one free night of kiddie corral at her house. Continue reading “THIRSTY THURSDAY LUNCHBOX DRINKS FOR THE CURTAIN CLIMBERS”

Sherrie’s Always Write Blog Checklist for Next Week

Next week, Sherrie’s Always Write brings weekday humor and worldly insight to your inbox Monday – Friday. Each provides a 4 to 5 minute commentary on topics ranging from the hilarious made up Olympics in the Midwest to Lunchbox Drinks for the Curtain Climbers. Don’t miss our Freelance Friday Guest Blogger Benjamin Thomas as he imparts wisdom on How to Attract Readers Using Top Blogging Basics.

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I know we’ve all wondered what a misfortunate group of 7 castaways drank on their uncharted island south of Honolulu. The Skipper and Gilligan meant to cruise around for a 3-hour tour with their 5 guests. This turned into a 3-year prime time television show that cranked out 98 episodes. So, what the heck were these people drinking in paradise while they were flirting and fighting with each other? Some say it may have been Mother Nature’s Sports Drink, Coconut Water. My investigative bloggerism will either prove or debunk this theory once and for all.


Sherrie’s Always Write Blog Checklist for Next Week

Next week, Sherrie’s Always Write brings weekday humor right to your inbox Monday – Friday. Don’t miss out on these insightful articles. Each provides a 4 to 5 minute commentary on topics ranging from the manic stages of hunger to a look at the benefits of coconut water if you’re stranded on Gillian’s Island. Don’t miss our Guest Blogger/Author Usvaldo de Leon, Jr. as he shares his views of the world from from a Dilettante’s perch.

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Manic Monday Serve an Authentic 4th of July Cocktail

What is an “Authentic” 4th of July Cocktail you may ask. Times were different in 1776, and alcohol was an integral part of daily living whether or not you were a farmhand or a pen-wielding author of the Declaration of Independence. Find an explosive drink this holiday. Continue reading “Manic Monday Serve an Authentic 4th of July Cocktail”

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