Next week, Sherrie’s Always Write brings weekday humor right to your inbox Monday – Friday. Don’t miss out on these insightful articles. Each provides a 4 to 5 minute commentary on topics ranging from the manic stages of hunger to a look at the benefits of coconut water if you’re stranded on Gillian’s Island. Don’t miss our Guest Blogger/Author Usvaldo de Leon, Jr. as he shares his views of the world from from a Dilettante’s perch.

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Manic Monday The Hunger Names will assist you in determining the true status of your ravenus hunger stage. Don’t miss #3 – We’re all guilty of this one!image1 (4)

Trending Tuesday Zika Mania is not to be confused with the boys from Liverpool – Beatle Mania. Find out what the World Health Organzation is saying about the Zika Virus and the XXXI Olympics.image1 (5)

Workout Wednesday What to Wear Spandex, Lycra, Nike, Adidas. Follow along as I deep-dive into workout clothing dilemmas. What’s a girl (and boy) to wear?image1 (10)

Thirsty Thursday Coconut Water on a 3-Hour Tour What in the world were 7 castaways slurping down on Gilligan’s Island? Could it have been Coconut Water? Come exlore whether it’s fact or myth.image1 (7)

Freelance Friday A Dilettante’s Guide to Life A Look at Life from the Side Window of Expert Usvaldo de Leon, Jr., author of The Ladder, Co-writer of the web series Breaking In and End of the Row.image1 (1)

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Manic Monday Un-Neighborly Neighbors Find out if you’re on my list of Un-Neighborly Neighbors.FullSizeRender

Trending Tuesday Top 8 Rules for Running with the Bulls Check out these crazy rules.  Are they really necessary? You’re being chased by a bull for goodness sakes.

IMG_3078Workout Wednesday 6 Wacky Exercise Alternatives Find out how these 6 Wacky Workouts can improve both your physique and your mind.IMG_3074

 Thirsty Thursday When In Rome Get the regional low-down on who’s drinking what. Don’t be guilty of a faux pas while imbibing global spirits.IMG_3084

Freelance Friday Ghostwriting: The Beginners Guide Welcome Ghostwriter Josh Davis as he informs on the basics of getting into the business of Ghostwriting.Josh Davis


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