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Does anyone else find it inhumanly maddening to wake up an hour early simply to jar your body into the metabolism management race? In the Adding Insult to Injury category, you arrive home from a long day of working for the man to find your stair master mocking you.  That internal voice screams four letter words at you: lazy, poky, slug. I don’t have to listen to that drivel, so my brain’s justification committee has taken over. I researched 15 common daily activities and will admit my surprise at how many calories are expended just living the life of Sherrie.


Workout Wednesday 5 Reasons Your Workout Isn’t Working


Who among us hasn’t stunk up the room with our self-created pity pot full of reasons why we don’t work out with regularity, or if you’re me – at all? Have you ever wondered why your best efforts at working out might as well have been spent on QVC shopping? Maybe it’s your approach or maybe it’s just your mindset.  Coaxing your workout into a workable masterpiece may be as simple as a paradigm shift. One of my favorite quotes of all time,

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Workout Wednesday Wonder of Weights


If you are like me when I show up at the gym, just looking at the stair climber and elliptical machines causes mini heart palpitations. Scores of women and men dressed in skin-tight lycra intimidate me to the spandex moon and back. Then my eyes spot a corner of the room where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the free-weights roam untouched all day. I don’t look like Schwarzenegger, but…

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Workout Wednesday “Does this make my butt look big?”


This may be the most misleading question on the planet. If you are a woman and you’ve found that these words have crossed your lips from the realm of reasonableness into the world of “Did I say that out loud” insanity, then you seek an answer to one of two real underlying questions. If you’re a man and are required to answer, you must know from which origination the question is asked. Difficult dilemma, and may God help you.

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Workout Wednesday Real Top 10 Reasons People Exercise


The Top 10 reasons people exercise vary wildly depending on who you ask. My think tank discovered over 100 brilliant benefits for why a person should exercise. All are valid and noble so I’ve listed 10 of those reasons according to for your edification. Once you’ve skipped over that part (admit it, you’re going to skip it), you will find the Top 10 REAL reasons Continue reading “Workout Wednesday Real Top 10 Reasons People Exercise”

Trending Tuesday 5 Magical Tips for Going Back to Work After a Long Weekend

You stayed up late last night eating and drinking in blissful excess. You’re an interesting person after all. But the realization that you must return to the work trenches tomorrow smacked you square in the schnozz five minutes after last call. A close personal relationship with your snooze button in the morning is not a viable option. So what’s a Townie to do? These 5 Magical Tips for Going Back to Work After a Long Weekend may save your life, not to mention your job.

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If I’m running 13.1 miles, it’s because I’m either being chased by Freddie Krueger wielding a gun, I’m attempting to outrun K-9 dogs from the local penitentiary, or I’m chasing the ice cream truck to snag one of those shortbread cream dreams. I understand that many of you crazy health nuts out there run to improve your quality of life. I have a personal theory that you’re endorphin junkies. But whatever your reason may be for running 331 linear acres, a strategic training plan should be developed and consistently followed. I am the living epitome of the word Beginner, so I’ll outline below the baby steps to hone you into “evading the Po Po” shape in 13-22 short weeks. Continue reading “WORKOUT WEDNESDAY 1/2 MARATHON TRAINING SCHEDULE/SCHMEDULE”


As I age graceful like a prune, I continue to scan my Woman’s Day and AARP magazines for exercises that keep me fit without abusing what connective tissue I have left. Surpassing 50 has traumatized me enough. I’m not seeking a fitness plan that exacerbates the trauma on my post-menopausal porous bones right into a lifetime subscription for Boniva. I’ve researched every exercise guru website on the World Wide Womb and have discovered that I can perform these fitness gems right from the comfort of my home. No $4,000 treadmills or workout gear is needed. I rounded up a broom, my unused yoga mat, a 2×4, a chair, and built my own workout studio for Over-50-Somethings. Continue reading “WORKOUT WEDNESDAY EXERCISES FOR OVER-50-SOMETHINGS”



I’ve been in a pseudo barbaric relationship with my personal trainer for a year now. I’ve weighed pro against con and have arrived at the same conclusion each time – John has to go. Other than the humiliation heaped upon me and the excruciating pain he joyfully inflicts for one hour every week, he’s a tolerable guy. But the fairy tale must end sometime. Our Beauty and the Beast role-play is not really working for me. A girl can only be the Beast for so long. So, to my masochistic Beauty, I must say ‘fare thee well.’ I’ve enclosed this letter so that it may serve to guide you in future liasons and save some other Joe Schmoe from the agony of reaching for horizons that are clearly unattainable. Continue reading “WORKOUT WEDNESDAY DEAR JOHN TO MY PERSONAL TRAINER”

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