The Top 10 reasons people exercise vary wildly depending on who you ask. My think tank discovered over 100 brilliant benefits for why a person should exercise. All are valid and noble so I’ve listed 10 of those reasons according to for your edification. Once you’ve skipped over that part (admit it, you’re going to skip it), you will find the Top 10 REAL reasons

average folk like you and I feel a never-ending, pit of our stomach nag to improve our overall physique by exercise and eating better. But wait – you say. Who among us hasn’t justified scarfing one donut and argued with one’s inner Richard Simmons, “How bad can just one donut be for me?” Hopefully, you don’t mind sweating with the oldies because it will demand at least one hour of high-intensity exercise to rid your thighs [insert undesirable body part here] of just one Krispy Kreme donut. A glazed KK weighs in at a hefty 390 calories. So decide why you work out and stick with it, whether it be from the 1st or 2nd list below.

List One

  1. Increase lean body mass
  2. Improve flexibility
  3. Decrease risk of illness
  4. Reduce stress
  5. More energy
  6. Burn more calories at rest
  7. Speed recovery time from injury or illness
  8. Build cardiovascular endurance
  9. Improve overall appearance
  10. Stay focused

If we all want to live 100 years or more with a body that ages with grace, then List One is your fountain of youth. However, if you dig down deep inside – bypass the kale/protein shake you drank for breakfast, ignore the lactobacillus acidophilus infused yogurt snack, and step away from the South Beach Diet cookbook – you can get to the real root of the matter. Selections from List Two contain the real reasons we exercise.

List Two

  1. Find a mate
  2. Get rid of a mate
  3. Look better at last call
  4. Chase and catch your children or grandchildren
  5. Turn heads of complete strangers
  6. Appear naturally photogenic on vacation or at a wedding
  7. Gain supernatural heights of self-confidence
  8. Improve your social status to “What-a-Hottie”
  9. 6-pack abs (4-pack is acceptable)
  10. Totally rock those stilettos you bought at DSW

Pure vanity has been the great motivator of our generation: Brittany, Madonna, J-Lo, and that Aniston girl. While even these women exercise for the benefits of List One, I’m sure they would agree that List Two secretly provided forward momentum in their daily workout regimen. I for one must meditate on the real reasons I exercise. That alone could burn the calories I consumed this morning at the donut shop.


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