I know we’ve all wondered what a misfortunate group of 7 castaways drank on their uncharted island south of Honolulu. The Skipper and Gilligan meant to cruise around for a 3-hour tour with their 5 guests. This turned into a 3-year prime time television show that cranked out 98 episodes. So, what the heck were these people drinking in paradise while they were flirting and fighting with each other? Some say it may have been Mother Nature’s Sports Drink, Coconut Water. My investigative bloggerism will either prove or debunk this theory once and for all.

My hypothesis includes the below known facts about Coconut Water.

  • Availability – Coconut Water is readily available in most high-end grocers. For a healthy and safer version, you should purchase unsweetened and decline climbing that tree to harvest them for your friends. Gilligan shimmied a coconut tree 23 times in the iconic TV show and sustained injury most times. No need to go to this extreme unless you, too, have booked a stranded-stay vacay.
  • Sexual Prowess – There seems to be new information, or rather speculation, that coconut water is the new Viagra. There is no scientific evidence proving elevated levels of estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone from the sipping of this sublime serum. However, it was slightly suspicious that Ginger and the Professor were able to emerge from a steamy hut looking fairly refreshed once a week.
  • Survival – You can survive on coconut water, all-you-can-drink and then some, for at least a 3-hour tour. Eventually though, the body will need good old plain water to survive. Most reputable sources time this at 3 days, but there have been extreme cases of 8-10 days without H2O. I must’ve missed the episode where Gilligan and Mary Ann found a literal fountain of survival. According to WebMD, they weren’t living on Coconut water. Which Gilligan-ites among us never wondered why they didn’t just walk to the other side of the island? There was probably a shopping mall, a Coit’s Rootbeer drive-in, and local water slide.
  • Benefits – While you may not be able to live on the godly nectar, there are multiple benefits worth checking out. You get 4 times (61mg) the potassium from unsweetened coconut water than is provided in that morning banana you snagged on the way out the door. If you need to win an 11-hour Wimbledon marathon like Johnny Isner, then this is your go-to juice. He swears it keeps dehydration leg cramps away. Also, the supercharge you get from one ounce “C” water contains less of the lard-ier nutrients you count daily: 1.3g sugar, 5.45mg of sodium, and 5.45 calories. For those of us who require an extra boost during a “Hoos your daddy” session, you can count on the elevated electrolytes naturally occurring in “C” Water. [Disclaimer: Coconut oil liquefies when it comes in contact with skin, but that’s a completely different kind of blog.] Now that’s something to scream about!

While you may not be able to live on Coconut Water alone, you can throw one heck of a Luau Party. Coconut shells can be used for bikini tops, citronella candles, and to take money from friends and family with the ever popular shell game. If the Professor could build a nuclear reactor with them, you can venture on the wild side and try the power of coconuts, and Coconut Water, for yourself.


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image1 (6)Photo by smoothies.com

Coconut Water Smoothie (Yields 4 servings)

2 cups chopped fresh pineapple

1 cup coconut sorbet

1 cup Greek yogurt

¾ cup coconut water

½ cup unsweetened coconut milk

¼ cup fresh shaved coconut

A few handfuls of coconut water ice cubes

Mix on high in blender for at least 1 minute; serve in a nuclear reactor, or in a coconut shell if you’re not on a deserted island with the Professor.

Headline photo by letsrunmoore.com