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Manic Monday Rio de Midwest Olympic Games Come see the competitive games for the Rio de Midwest Olympics. Not what you may expect.image1 (13)

Trending Tuesday 2016 Rio Olympics’ Top 5 Dramatic News Stories We explore recent news stories that impact this year’s Summer Olympics.image1 (30)

Workout Wednesday A-Z Techie Workout Togs What futuristic workout hear are you missing from your wardrobe? You may find technology here that you can’t live without.image1 (16)

Thirsty Thursday Lunchbox Drinks for the Curtain Climbers Send your little school sharks off with a lunchbox full of beverage goodness.image1 (22)

Freelance Friday How to Attract Readers Using Top Blogging Basics by renowned Blogger Benjamin Thomas.

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Manic Monday Pray the Gay Away An insightful article summing up LBGT opinions held by Blogger Sherrie MarshallIMG_3063 (1)

Trending Tuesday Garage Sale Hell Are you compliant with the 3 PPPs of hosting a garage sale? Find out here.IMG_3088

Workout Wednesday 15 Daily Exercise Substitutes What daily activities are you completing every day that count toward your daily calorie burn? Check this list of 15 exercise substitutes.

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Thirsty Thursday A Potato by Any Other Name Tastes Like Vodka Interested in who the most prolific Vodka drinkers are throughout history? Find several of the top potato mash guzzlers here.image1

Freelance Friday Peace in the Storms We bring you the poignant story of a couple’s journey down the difficult road of infertility by Jessica Lyle.image1 (8)


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