Next week, Sherrie’s Always Write brings weekday humor and worldly insight to your inbox Monday – Friday. Each post provides a 3 to 5 minute commentary on topics ranging from the Colloquialisms in the Midwest to Drinking Holiday History. Don’t miss Freelance Friday How to Write the Blockbuster Novel: Edition Two – Theme.

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Manic Monday Idioms and Colloquialisms from my Grandpa Curious about the language spoken among Midwesterners? My grandpa may shed a little light on this mysterious form of communication.


Trending Tuesday 7 Lessons I Learned from Commercials Do you recognize any of these iconic commercials? See what lessons I’ve gleaned from each.


Workout Wednesday 5 Reasons Your Workout Isn’t Working Are you executing every part of your exercise regimine, but it’s still not working? See if any of these 5 reasons may be the culprit.


Thirsty Thursday Drinking Holidays – I’ll drink to that What historical reference backs up why we drink more on certain  holidays than others.


Freelance Friday How to Write the Blockbuster Novel: Edition Two – Theme Last month, I hashed out Premise. This month we’ll talk about your story’s Theme and how it connects readers to your novel.


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image1-56Manic Monday The Holidays are Looming – Warning: Personal Photos Enclosed My anxiety about the upcoming holiday season .

houseTrending Tuesday There Wasn’t a Chair by Alienated Nation A special Guest Blog about a special place.


image1-57Workout Wednesday Wonder of Weights
Learn the important use of weights and how they will change your life.


image2-18Thirsty Thursday Tequila TaKillYa Enjoy learning the versatility of Tequila if it don’t kill ya.


image7-1Freelance Friday Short Story Structure We welcome FredRock who will teach us the elements of writing a short story. Be sure to check out his blog for short stories and the Detective Frank Danger Short Story Series.



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