Next week, Sherrie’s Always Write brings weekday humor and worldly insight to your inbox Monday – Friday. Each post provides a 3 to 5 minute commentary on topics ranging from the Looming Holidays to Tequila TaKillYa. Don’t miss our Freelance Friday guest blogger post by Fred Rock on Short Story Structure.

See descriptions of next week’s daily posts below:

Manic Monday The Holidays are Looming – Warning: Personal Photos Enclosed My anxiety about the upcoming holiday season .


Trending Tuesday There Wasn’t a Chair by Alienated Nation A special Guest Blog about a special place.


Workout Wednesday Wonder of Weights Learn the important use of weights and how they will change your life.


Thirsty Thursday Tequila TaKillYa Enjoy learning the versatility of Tequila if it don’t kill ya.


Freelance Friday Short Story Structure We welcome FredRock who will teach us the elements of writing a short story. Be sure to check out his blog for short stories and the Detective Frank Danger Short Story Series.


If you missed last week’s Posts, play catch-up here.

image1-50Manic Monday Night Fantasy Football Food Take a look at my Monday Night Fantasy Football Food Team. What’s your lineup look like this season?

image1-52Trending Tuesday National “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” Day What are you celebrating on September 13th? If you need a reason to party, check out my National Holidays celebrated today.


image1-53Workout Wednsesday “Does this Make My Butt Look Big?” One of the oldest questions on the planet may be “Does this make my butt look big.” Analyze with me the genus of this question and whether or not you want the answer. Men – this is a must read for you!


image1-54Thirsty Thursday Toasts for the Ages Need a toast for grandma, for that special “over the hill” someone, or the newest 21 year-old adult in your life? Check out my roundup of toasts for every age. Salute!

image1-51Freelance Friday 5 Reasons Yu Can’t Seem to Achieve Your Goals and “What Next?” by LemonsLemonade This week’s guest blogger is Ima Asuquo. Which of these 5 reasons are you avoiding to Achieve Your Goals?


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