If you are reading this, I presume you have a desire to know if there really is a national celebration day for “WTF.” I’m here to tell you that there should be. “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” is exactly what came to mind when…

I found out what National Day we celebrate on September 13th. Be mystified and amused at the 4 reasons to put on your party clothes and throw a shin dig to honor the day of your choice below. Food is a running thread through today’s celebration options, so HEY, I’m in.

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National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day Young Chefs Academy sponsors this day each year on September 13th and encourages you to allow your young’uns to put their creative juices to work. I have to say that in today’s environment of helicopter parents, turning the rug rats loose in the kitchen may be a scary proposition. But, I for one, am in favor of teaching kids the importance of planning, preparing, and cooking meals. [Look out, unsolicited opinion coming.] We do no favors for our kiddos by keeping them from learning responsibilities that can start with something as simple as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Engage your children and let them make mistakes. But remember that your duty as a parent includes eating the meals prepared and declaring them a masterpiece. This will be the hardest display of “cut the apron strings” you will experience until it is time to send your little learning sponges off to college.

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National Peanut Day This holiday is very specific and somewhat snobbish. Don’t confuse it with Almond Day or Cashew Day. It is purely an entire day to celebrate the one true nut that grows under the ground. Peanuts provide over 30 essential nutrients and are naturally free of trans-fats and sodium with 25% protein. So get your Jimmy Carter on today and celebrate glorious peanuts.



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National Ants on a Log Day I was at first confused as to why we would set aside a day for tiny biting exoskeleton ants lazing away their day on a log. Now is a great time to cry out Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Fortunately, it’s a metaphorical holiday that allows celery, peanut butter, and raisins to come together in harmony, creating a healthy snack nicknamed in the 1950’s as an hors d’oeuvres du jour. So, while you are sitting on a picnic blanket today, flicking away the fire ants, enjoy a snack that is healthy and aptly named.


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National Uncle Sam Day During the war of 1812, Sam Wilson supplied barrels of cured meat to the war effort. Fighting soldiers who were lightyears away from their own dining room tables were grateful to receive the protein sustenance and coined the phrase good old “Uncle Sam.” In 1813, the first images of Uncle Sam appeared, and in 1961 congress issued a resolution recognizing “Uncle Sam” Wilson and authorized a monument in his home of Troy, New York. Sam was born on September 13th, and so it became the official National Uncle Sam day in 1989. Now that Tax Day is but a scary memory, and the pantry is packed full of potted meat spreads for football season, take this day to celebrate the iconic image of Uncle Sam, who surely makes all this possible.

I’m always looking for a good reason to break out the snacks and celebrate. It looks like I have 4 wondrous reasons to round up the girl-gang and party on. I personally can’t wait for National Big Whopper Liar Day held the 3rd Saturday of every September. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Carry on.



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