Next week, Sherrie’s Always Write brings weekday humor and worldly insight to your inbox Monday – Friday. Each provides a 4 to 5 minute commentary on topics ranging from Dorm Room Dissasters to the Sins of Absinthe. Don’t miss our Freelance Friday Guest Blogger Donna Hepburn with UK Content Writer as she imparts nuggets of writing wisdom.

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Manic Monday Dorm Room Disasters What dorm room disasters should you avoid? Plan your trip to college carefully and pray for the best.


Trending Tuesday The Secret life of Art Discover the symbolism and secret life behind the Master’s artwork. Each painting hides boundles secrets waiting to be uncovered.

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Workout Wednesday Dear John to My Personal Trainer Time to say goodbye. Dear John letter that every person would like to give their personal trainer on the way out the door.


Thirsty Thursday The Sins of Absinthe What spooky folklore is responsible for tagging Absinthe as the drink of the Devil? Dive into Gothic tales of 3 men obsessed with the “Green Fairy.”

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Freelance Friday Donna Hepburn from UK Content Writer will highlight magical content writing no writer can live without.

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If you missed last week’s Posts, play catch-up here.

image1 (26)Manic Monday Back to School Tool Rules Stay hip to how your kids are really using their school supplies. The uses for backpacks will blow you away.



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Trending Tuesday 10 Rio Olympic Refugee Ahtletes Without a Country Learn about this year’s Olympic refugees. Read about 18-year old Yusra Mardini’s struggle swimming across the Mediterranean to safety.


image1 (34)Workout Wednesday Teacher Olympics School will soon be back in session. Teachers deserve a gold medal for so many things. Explore the Olympic trials that your child’s teacher competes in daily.


image2 (6)Thirsty Thursday Whiskey Run Amonk Beginner’s lesson for those with a hankering for whiskey. What angelic monks have taught us.


image1 (37)Freelance Friday The Danger of (Too Many) Words by R.F. Dunham Pick up treasured gems about writing and how to use your words judiciously. Whether you’re a poet, a blogger, or a novelist, you won’t want to miss this valuable advice.



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