I’ve caved in and given myself over to one selfish post on this year’s Presidential election. If I could sum it up for you in one easy word, I would. But the current climate of Chia Pet Politics has me dreaming of days when the sensational headlines of another boring news cycle centered around which Kardashian mayhem riveted a nation to the TV with their latest antics. I would even settle for a late-night infomercial about which thigh cream will convert my gams into Starsky and Hutch Daisy Dukes next summer. Gone are the days

of water-cooler talk generated by the latest celebrity divorce or how in the world they are going to manage joint custody of enough children to start a football team. We are relegated to slanderous commercials and hyper-sensationalized news reports that have debased the moral fiber of our great country. I can, however, sum up this year’s campaign into one visual that I can never un-see. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing highly intellectual commercials involving the top two Presidential candidates, please seek out the advertisement for Trump and Clinton Chia Pets.

For those unfamiliar with the novelties from the 70’s and 80’s, like pet rocks, Cabbage Patch babies, and Trolls, Chia Pets can up the ante to your retro collection. They brighten any room and require little care. You don’t have to worry about these green candidates sending classified emails or groping your daughter’s sorority friends. They simply require a little photosynthesis and H2O, and are unlikely to appear on Meet the Press.


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