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Van Gogh



Since I’ve been old enough to illegally drink trashcan punch, woeful tales of Absinthe have been drilled into my head. Blindness, murder, and residency in a padded cell were promised results from drinking sinful Absinthe – or so I was told. Like another midnight campfire story, I was completely freaked out enough to avoid the “Green Fairy” like a leisurely wade through Louisiana swamp water. In case you’re wondering what folklore could keep a 20-something (ok, maybe I was 17) away from free bootlegged booze, let me help you out. How true or fabricated you believe these fables to be, they are steeped in reputable and historical accountings. Don’t cry later tonight under your bed covers and say I didn’t warn you! Continue reading “THIRSTY THURSDAY THE SINS OF ABSINTHE”



In college, my second favorite course was Art Literature. My first favorite was Statistical Analysis (don’t ask). It may seem an obscure idea that one has anything to do with the other. But when analyzing art, my left brain takes over and begins to dissect the finer details of the beautiful masterpiece that my right brain is admiring. If you look at many of the Masters’ paintings as a whole, the picture that lay before you most assuredly has a secret life hidden in the finer details. Symbolism was a common method used to depict love, loyalty, morality, and desire. Below, I’ve divulged the soap opera screenplay of several renowned pieces of art. Continue reading “TRENDING TUESDAY THE SECRET LIFE OF ART”

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