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Freelance Friday How to Write The Blockbuster Novel: Edition Three – Stakes


Writing a blockbuster novel is the dream of many writers. You wonder what a year, or two, of your devoted writing time, sacrifices, and financial commitment will glean for you at the end of a crazy, tedious road of writing that novel. You may hope for validation or simply have a story busting at the seams that won’t be silenced. And who among us Continue reading “Freelance Friday How to Write The Blockbuster Novel: Edition Three – Stakes”

Workout Wednesday – Squat, Drop, and Roll


The idea that I might be healthy enough to exercise with any regularity is a novel unto itself, full of conflict, suspense, and plot twists. But today, I will spare you the humiliating look into vast depths of what sloth-ism looks like and get right into why I am mildly curious about squats and all the pain that rightfully accompanies said exercise. Continue reading “Workout Wednesday – Squat, Drop, and Roll”

Meet and Greet Link 10/23/2016

Oritginally posted on Dream Big Dream Often. The Meet and Greet continues today as we will be traveling back to North Carolina from New York.  Enjoy your Monday!! The Meet and Greet continues today and will conclude this evening so be sure to…

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When I think of Freelance, my mind jams into high gear and goes right to visions of the Pulitzer Prize. Hoards of intellectual fans exalting their favorite journalist. I didn’t realize it, but I’ve lived with Freelancers in one form or another my entire adult life. Imagine my shock and astonishment when I learned what Freelance really means. Pulitzer be damned! I’m the real thing. Continue reading “FREELANCE FRIDAY MEANETH NOT WHAT YE THINK”



My favorite sitcom, Will & Grace, was responsible for one of the best drinking one-liners ever. “You say tomato, I say toe-mah-toe. You say potato, I say Vodka.” Today’s Thirsty Thursday lesson, children, will leave you running for the weekend and the nearest liquor store. If you dream of Ferris wheels and vodka filtered through cotton candy, that’s fair enough. But if you prefer your tater-booze filtered through diamonds, Dan Aykrod is the only guy on the planet who can fulfill that dream. Now that’s funny! Continue reading “THIRSTY THURSDAY A POTATO BY ANY OTHER NAME TASTES LIKE VODKA”


It’s that time of year again. Purge your crap and pawn it off to your neighbor as a treasure he can’t live without. How many times have you thought that the people across the street might appreciate owning the set of 4 treadless Impala tires parked on the side of your garage that are now home to 17 exotic species of weeds? Trust me when I say that someone wants your junk, but only if it has a price tag stuck to it. Continue reading “TRENDING TUESDAY GARAGE SALE HELL”

Freelance Friday How to Write The Blockbuster Novel: Edition Two – Theme


A blockbuster novel is the goal of many writers, but it can seem like an elusive dream to the burgeoning novelist. Freelance Friday’s monthly series “How to Write The Blockbuster Novel” will walk you through the elements and structure necessary to construct the bones of a novel that will enrapture your readers, not to mention agents and publishers if you chose the traditional publishing route.

Continue reading “Freelance Friday How to Write The Blockbuster Novel: Edition Two – Theme”

Thirsty Thursday Drinking Holidays – I’ll drink to that


I’m not much of a drinker, but I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for any holiday that invokes the party animal. While most holidays don’t focus on the simple celebration of alcohol, there’s history lurking behind a few holidays and the reasons we imbibe. Continue reading “Thirsty Thursday Drinking Holidays – I’ll drink to that”

Workout Wednesday 5 Reasons Your Workout Isn’t Working


Who among us hasn’t stunk up the room with our self-created pity pot full of reasons why we don’t work out with regularity, or if you’re me – at all? Have you ever wondered why your best efforts at working out might as well have been spent on QVC shopping? Maybe it’s your approach or maybe it’s just your mindset.  Coaxing your workout into a workable masterpiece may be as simple as a paradigm shift. One of my favorite quotes of all time,

Continue reading “Workout Wednesday 5 Reasons Your Workout Isn’t Working”

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