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If you are in an American bar right now, chances are you’re knee deep in Hops and Barley. But if you and your Amore are O’ Solo Mio in Rome, there’s a 73% chance that the Godfather just suggested a nice vino to pair with your Clams Casino. Who are you to argue with the Big Papa?

“Why do I care who’s guzzling Continue reading “THIRSTY THURSDAY WHEN IN ROME…”

Manic Monday Serve an Authentic 4th of July Cocktail

What is an “Authentic” 4th of July Cocktail you may ask. Times were different in 1776, and alcohol was an integral part of daily living whether or not you were a farmhand or a pen-wielding author of the Declaration of Independence. Find an explosive drink this holiday. Continue reading “Manic Monday Serve an Authentic 4th of July Cocktail”

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