This month our neighbors to the South are hosting the 31st Olympiad. But being from the Midwest, I wanted to shed light on games that are no longer part of the formal International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) approved competition schedule. However, each unusual game was at one point part of the official summer or winter games over the last century. But don’t worry your pretty little Yankee head. These odd games thrive and are alive in states like Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Nebraska. Rumors have been strategically leaked that the lesser known RNBKACH (Red Neck Bald Knobber Arkie Corn Husker) Committee is formulating a You Tube application process as of this writing.  Please note, that attempts to imitate these lesser-known games are done at your own risk. They should be recorded and immediately published for others’ enjoyment on the World Wide What-the…?!