If you’ve owned a dog, then you are acutely aware of the personality traits that bind them to your family. Watching your Dachshund, Duke, gobble down his dog chow without taking a breath reminds you of your Uncle Buck at Thanksgiving. You marvel at the regal twin-like pose of Daffodil, the silky gray Weimaraner, and your Aunt Daphne as they drive the Mercedes golf cart around her country club neighborhood. What canine consortium causes your animal to emulate human personality traits? Or are we a pre-selective species destined to end up with man’s best friend reflective of our own psychological makeup? These questions are the mysterious minutiae pondered by Plato and Socrates. But scoff not. There are in-depth studies that suggest this rubbish has some validity. So the big question of the day is: Which of these 5 dog personalities do you and Fifi share? Continue reading “TRENDING TUESDAY 5 SHARED DOGGONE OWNER PERSONALITIES”