Exciting new letter from our dear friend, John Grisham.

Dear Reader: 

As I write this, I’m looking at all of them lined up neatly in a bookcase in my office, and I’m once again thankful that I’ve been fortunate enough to pursue this writing thing for so long.

While I intend for every novel to be different, and hopefully better, many of the legal thrillers have similar elements and themes. You can count on

a bunch of lawyers, of course, and crimes, courts, trials, appeals, and the like. Many of them involve heavy issues such as the death penalty, wrongful convictions, and judicial corruption.

For the other books, though, I prefer to lighten up. I’ve written two about football, one about baseball, and one comic novel about skipping Christmas.

Camino Island is my thirtieth novel. Where does Camino Island fit in? Let’s just say that my goal was to write a mystery without a single lawyer in it, and I almost succeeded. A couple show up in the last chapter, but only because I had no choice.

Camino Island is pure entertainment, designed as a page turner and written with the beach in mind. In fact, the beach is an important element in the story because most of the action takes place near the ocean in Florida.

The anti-hero is a colorful guy named Bruce Cable, owner of a fine bookstore called Bay Books, and a serious collector of first editions. Only a handful of people know that Bruce occasionally dabbles in the murky world of stolen rare books.

When some valuable manuscripts go missing, Bruce becomes a suspect. The heroine, Mercer Mann, is a struggling young novelist recruited to go to Camino Island, mix with Bruce’s literary gang, and hopefully learn something valuable. And she does!

This book was a delight to write. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

All best wishes,




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